Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mommy and Me: A Story in Sweaters

You might remember, I finished JJ's Coolbreeze Cardigan back in December, and then my sweater had to undergo surgery before I could wear it.

And then, for whatever reason, I procrastinated about putting the buttons on.

Well, first I couldn't find the buttons. But then once I found them, I still took my good old time putting them on the sweater.

I don't know.  I guess I wasn't in a rush given that, after all the work to make the coordinating sweaters, I knew mine wouldn't fit. Because: pregnancy.

Interesting thing about subsequent pregnancies--the body remembers. It's like, "Oh, hey, I just did this. May as well get on with the task of expanding to epic proportions immediately."

But I did finally decide to just sew the buttons on and finish the project once and for all.

And, of course, it doesn't exactly fit.  But it looks kind of ok as an open front cardigan for the time being. I think I can keep using it until Spring arrives--if it ever does (I'm looking at you, snow forecast for Tuesday!).

So of course, buttons accomplished, I needed to FINALLY get the mommy/baby matchy match sweater photos I wanted.


JJ was less than amused, probably because his sweater barely fits him anymore.  Also, you'd think the photographer (AKA: CP) might mention that my hand is blocking most of JJ's sweater. But no.

 There's a smile. And now his sweater can be washed and put back in the closet for baby #2.

Shortly after taking these photos, I drove myself out to the Homespun Yarn Party, but that was a complete bust. After driving around for 15 minutes looking for parking until I found someone leaving to stalk (and I don't mean to get a parking space close to the entrance--I mean to get any parking space at all), I made my way inside to find an ENORMOUS line. I estimated at least a 45 minute wait to get in--and that was just to enter the room, not to buy any actual yarn. I stuck around for a few minutes to see how fast it was moving--and it wasn't. So that was it for me--I drove the 40 minutes back home, completely wasting most of my Sunday afternoon. Boo.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Photo Friday: The Week in Pictures

(Well, ok . . . maybe a few weeks.)

Socks on the needles. Chrysanthemum frutescens in Miss Babs.

Yummy new yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts.

Finally finished a sweater design sample and mailed it off.

It snowed. Freaking AGAIN.

Worsted weight shawl coming along.

Someone is messy and needs a haircut.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Flashback Friday: CCFA Fundraiser

Yes, it was the 80s. Why do you ask?

Long-time readers of this blog may remember that 2 years ago, I sponsored a fundraiser for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America here on Learner's Per-knit.

Well, get ready, because I'm doing it again!

My sister and I participate in the Baltimore Take Steps, Be Heard walk in honor of my mom, who has long battled Crohn's disease. This year, I'm hoping to raise $750--and that's where you guys come in.

I'm currently working to put together a collection of awesome fiber arts-related prizes for donors. Our fundraiser will officially kick off on April 1, and run through June 1. Every $5 donated will earn you one entry (so $10 = 2 entries, $25 = 5 entries, etc.).

You'll also be able to earn additional entries by tweeting, Facebooking and doing various other social media-related activities. We want to get the word out, and get as many knitters, crocheters, spinners and fiber artists participating in this drive as possible!

So, get ready! Save up your pennies. Organize your stash to make room for more yarn. Finish those WIPs so you're ready to cast on new projects. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, like MediaPeruana Designs on Facebook--you'll have all your bases covered. 

And if you're a designer, indie dyer, or owner of too many knitting books to count that you need to clear out, I hope you'll consider donating a prize! If interested, please send me an email.

Happy weekend!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pullover #1: Sprig

I've decided to stick with my original decision to make 2014 the Year of the Pullover. Even if they never fit me (and let's hope that's not true), they'll fit my sister, my mom, or someone.

First up, Alana Dakos' Sprig:

Photos courtesy of Alana Dakos

In this fresh green color it looks quite springy, but I'm planning an early fall sweater, and picked up some Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Isadora, a muted dusty rose:


I've got deadline knitting to do, but I still think I'll swatch for this tonight--it's been ages since I've actually finished a big non-design project, I'm hoping this will jump start the sweater knitting mojo. Especially since, despite me declaring it to be Spring, we're facing 8+" of snow on Monday. Ugh.

Anyone else Pullover-ing for 2014? What's on your list?