Monday, July 21, 2008

you put the lime in the coconut . . .

You know what's no fun? Returning from a tropical paradise to discover that the weather in your hometown is actually hotter and more humid, but with no beaches, palm trees or tropical drinks. Sigh. I am back after a few nice relaxing days in Nassau. My conference was Thursday and Friday, but ended around noon Friday, so I had plenty of beach and pool time. I can't add any new Flickr photo albums (and I don't want to bunch all my photos together in one messy album) until I upgrade, so for now my pics are on Facebook (and you'll just have to be my friend! And you should, because I have this cool "send yarn" application, and hardly any knitting Facebook friends!).

I successfully smuggled Josephine, needles and all, onto the plane, and knit most of the way from Chicago to Nassau (why was I, a Baltimore(ish) resident, flying from BWI to Nassau through Chicago, you ask? Good question. Damn American Airlines--my far more geographically sensical flight through Miami got screwed up, so I was stuck flying halfway to Japan and then turning around to fly in the opposite direction; I got to BWI at 4:30am and finally arrived in Nassau at 5pm. Ridiculous!). I finished the back, but haven't started the front yet. Pictures soon, I promise! I was sitting in the last row, so I didn't attract much attention, except from a few flight attendants who wanted to know what I was knitting. I decided to check my knitting for the trip home, and I'm glad I did--we went through THREE different overzealous security check points at the Nassau airport, and it was annoying enough without trying to explain knitting needles.

Now that I'm home I need to get back to work on the Windowpane Socks, and hopefully get the first one finished up before we head to Deep Creek for family vacation number 1.


betty said...

That view looks lovely! The TSA has never had an issue with knitting needles (even metal ones).

I always knit on planes and in airports. I guess they will ban them if a passenger tries to stab someone with one!

leann said...

yay for knitting time on the plane! Sometimes it's the best kind.

The US is pretty lenient on knitting needles, but I've heard that other countries aren't as much, so it's probably a good thing you checked it, lest they make you trash them! I always travel with a piece of waste yarn so if they make me toss the needles, I won't mess up my work!

And I wanna be a knitting friend on Facebook!