Thursday, September 16, 2010

There's no such thing as a free lunch . . .

But there is such a thing as free yarn. And I tried to give some away. But alas, monica and ohgrumpy57 have not responded to claim their prizes. So without email addresses or ravelry names or any other identifying information (and fairly certain that writing "ohgrumpy57" on a box and slapping on some postage won't do much good), I am forced to pick two new winners.

Marlitharn and StaceyKnitsIt, come on down . . . you're the next contestants on, um, Win a Box o' Yarn for No Reason!

Now, based on your names, and any info I can track down through blogger or Ravelry, I'll do my best to notify you and get your shipping address. But, if you didn't leave any contact info, then please, new winners, claim your prizes. Email me, comment on the post with your email, pm me on Ravelry, whatever.

So, that's that. Next post, I'm going to tell you why knitting an adorable turtle is making me want to quit knitting forever.


Anonymous said...

I got the yarn a couple days ago, and I already have ideas for some of it. I'll be sure to let you know what I knit with it. Also, if you can't find anyone to take that yarn off your hands, you can always send it my way =)

StaceyKnitsIt said...

There is so much in my queue, I am sure I can find a use for the yarn.
Rav. messaged you. Thank You So Much, again!
Happy Knitting/Crafting!