Friday, October 15, 2010


 . . . today is my 30th birthday!

I'm celebrating with this guy:

And will be wearing this (and a dress, duh) for my surprise evening out, which I'm assured involves champagne:

30 years . . . where does the time go? I'm actually not sure which makes me feel older: being 30, or knowing that my goddaughter, who was born on my 13th birthday, is turning 17.


pendie said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have fun on your evening out. You're still really a baby at 30 (said the 52 year old!)

Clumsy Knitter said...

Happy birthday! I hope you have a great time! :D

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Happy Birthday. I can tell you, in my experience being 30-something is great!