Sunday, May 22, 2011

. . . And I Feel Fine

Welcome, welcome to those who have not been raptured, and are stuck on earth with the rest of us sinners!

And if you know anyone who was raptured, don't forget to loot their stash. Let's be practical--we don't want that yarn to go to waste!

The good news about being damned to earth to struggle through the apocalypse is that you'll have the chance to enter my blogiversary contest! See, always a silver lining.

(Also, it's sunny and 70 degrees here right now--it's not looking too  . . . apocalypty? apocalyptical? apocalyptious?)

This year I'm giving away three prizes to three lucky winners, as a thank you for reading my blog and sticking with me through the last year's knitting triumphs and disasters.

(I'd rather think about which one there were more of.)

Ready? Here we go.

The first is a copy of Norah Gaughan, Vol. 4, "Flower Child."

Twelve beautiful patterns in here, summery tops perfect for knitting this time of year.

Prize #2 is a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy, in the colorway Wisterious:

This may not be the best photo of this lovely pink and purple yarn, but plenty of yarn stores have this in stock, so check online for a good pic.

And prize #3 is two skeins of Knitting Notions Classic Merino Lace, one in Pumpkin Spice, and one in Dark Rose (388yds ea).

I'm giving these away together because, um, I don't know, it seemed like a good idea.

So, how can you win one of these lovely prizes? Leave a comment on this post, and tell me why you read knitting blogs. That's it! You have until Wednesday, June 1st, and I'll announce winners on my blogiversary.

Good luck!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Why I read knitting blogs? Inspiration and commiseration!

The prizes all look lovely!

cindiknits said...

Hi! I read knitting blogs for inspiration and for just plain fun! I'm impressed by anyone who can manage to keep their blog up to date. Mine fell by the wayside a couple of years ago.

Badgers rock!!

pendie said...

I LOVE reading knitting blogs! I have about 30 on my list. I learn so much from them, not only about knitting but about life in general. What an eclectic group of people we knitters are; it's a blast!

Felicitycot (ravelry) said...

I read knitting blogs for affirmation that crafting is very, very cool.

And because when you're up with a newborn in the middle of night, too tired to knit, then it is a good distraction.

And also because I like to look at other peoples creations and be inspired.

Badgers do rock indeed.

Clumsy Knitter said...

Woohoo! Happy blogiversary! I read knitting blogs because it's so much more personal than just trolling project pages on Ravelry. I like to hear the story behind the projects and get to "know" people. Besides, I flaked out on my blog last year and I like to give support to those of you who manage to keep up. :)

betty said...

I think I've had good luck with one of your giveaways before, so maybe it will happen again!

I read knitting blogs because I just love to look and see what other knitters are making. It's great inspiration.

Marushka C. said...

Saw your post in the puff uncommon room and came by to wish you a happy blogiversary.

I read knitting blogs for ideas, advice, and for a sense of community with others who share my crafting passions. Where else could I get people to admire my latest lace project or commiserate on Projects Gone Bad?

CraftyShanna said...

Um... I can't imagine NOT reading knitting blogs! Well, unless I spent my entire time on Ravelry in the House Cup. ;)

Reading knitting blogs is a great way to see what others are making (i.e., find new things to make myself) and learn new tricks/techniques (hopefully not at someone else's expense!)

Jackie Craig said...

I enjoy reading knitting blogs to see what others are knitting. I also look for people more knowledgable than I am to learn more and for free patterns!! I especially like reading knitting blogs that are written by people that live in the same geographic location as I do. Working on two goals: knitting my first sweater (found the pattern and purchased the yarn!) and learning to knit socks.

Vacantmuse said...

i love reading knitting blogs for the sense of community, and the big squishy hug that is the crafty corner of the intertubes!
Also, to perve on people's projects. shhhh...

rtambascio said...

hi rtambascio here!

I love to read knitting blogs to not only get ideas and sometimes help with a tricky pattern but i almost feel special when I read them. Like I am a part of there family or a good friend for a few mins.!

JP said...

I read knitting blogs to avoid working. And it's fun to see what other people are making or their opinions on yarns/patterns/shops from the perspective of a common user not a paid celebrity spokesmodel.

nwheatley said...

Hi! I read knitting blogs to learn and to feel connected to others as I'm pretty solitary in real life. I've tried to do a blog a couple times but I just don't come up with anything to write about so I admire others who can keep one up.