Thursday, October 18, 2012

On multitasking

This is going to be a combo post of sorts, as I want to touch on a few points before we leave for Rhinebeck in the morning.


First, I don't want you to miss your weekly Dory cuteness, so here she is:


Yes, she's laying in a cardboard box from She lays there a lot. More than her bed. I tried to throw it out and CP nearly had a heart attack. He spoils her more than I do, which does not bode well for my "have-children-who-aren't-spoiled-brats" plan.

Also, here's Nelly nuzzling her toy, just for the heck of it:


Secondly, progress has been made on the Rocky Coast cardigan, I'm quite excited:


I finished the body, then knit the first sleeve. Then I couldn't stomach working on giant DPNs anymore, so I did the neckband. And now I'm back to the second sleeve. I got a bit done in the car this morning, before I dropped a DPN under my seat and couldn't find it for 30 minutes. Then I got even a little bit more done, but I'd say I've got another 13" to go.

Which brings me to the next point: RHINEBECK! I'd love to have this sweater ready to wear Saturday. I could easily finish the sleeve during the 6 hour drive to upstate NY, but then I'd have to block the sweater at the hotel, probably on the floor (eww), and hope it dries really quickly. So that's plan B. Plan A is to miraculously finish it tonight. Wish me luck!

I'm all signed up for a spindle spinning class with Abby Franquemont on Saturday afternoon. The only problem is, I haven't touched my spindle in months:


And I am really just a beginning spinner anyway. I hope I won't embarrass myself too much.

If you're at Rhinebeck on Saturday, look for me and say hi! I'll have a very tall Peruvian in tow, a wee baby bump and my yellow-and-black Hufflepuff bag.


Minding My Own Stitches said...

You'll be fine in your class. I took a drop spindling course and my total uselessness at it made almost everyone feel better.

And there was a particularly satisfying moment when at the end the snotty know-it-all b@tch was informed by the instructor that her yarn was completely hopeless and there was no way to set the twist because of its inconsistency. Good thing I didn't listen very hard when she kept trying to tell how I should be doing things :)

Have FUN!

btw. I totally know what you mean about the guys spoiling the cats. Gavin scolds me if I don't make a little nest out of the afghan on the occasional chair because the cat "prefers it that way" rather than casually draped over the chair back :(

Jodi said...

Dory is CUTE in her box! My ladies fell in love with a Lagunitas cardboard box, which has not left the living room since.

My husband is totally a cat-spoiler -- wet food, why not? I'm less likely to be coerced by their meowls and darling antics.

Rocky Coast is gorgeous -- hope you enjoyed Rhinebeck! I haven't made it there yet, but it's on my "someday" list.