Monday, July 23, 2007

stalking the mail carrier . . .

That's what I spent most of the day doing--I pegged today for Yarn Arrival Day, even though the estimated in-home date wasn't until tomorrow. And I was right; Mr. Mailman dropped my yarn off late this afternoon. It's beautiful! I felt somewhat ridiculous, tearing around my house looking for scissors to open the stupid box, running from room to room with my box of yarn in hand like a maniac. A normal, better adjusted person would've just put the box on a table and calmly looked for scissors in the normal places one might find them--a drawer, knitting bag, etc. But not me, I need to hold onto the box of yarn as if it might sprout legs and run away if left unattended, as I search for scissors under the bed, in the fridge and inside my shoes. I am sure I would hold up really well in a crisis . . .
Unfortunately, I can't do anything with my new treasure yet. I need size 8 needles for mom's shell, and my shawl is on them, and I don't have the right size DPNs for dad's socks. A trip to Michael's is in order, but hubby's car is in the shop, so we're sharing a car for the week, and apparently him going to work is more important. Phooey.
Good news on my job front--I had an unofficial offer for a job almost 2 months ago, and finally my official offer is ready! So I'm heading down to DC on Wednesday to look it over and, presumably, sign it. My days as a hobo are almost over! There are some great things about being a hobo--like unlimited time for knitting--that I will miss, but overall, it was boring and depressing, so I'm quite ready to be a contributing member of society again.
Back to knitting news, my shawl is coming along, but I haven't taken any pictures, because it doesn't look much different, it's just a larger triangle. I've had no new mishaps, knock on wood.

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