Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Steady as she goes

I've been working diligently on the front of the A.S.S., but as it starts with 14 inches of k2p2 rib, it's pretty mundane knitting-wise and certainly not worthy of a photo. If you're really curious, you can look back at the picture from the back of the A.S.S. ;o) I've got approximately 7 inches done, so about halfway to the crucial mark--the armhole decreases, which really tripped me up on the back. I certainly hope the knitting gods smile on me for the front and I have more success with it.
If I ever finish the A.S.S. (and to think, I wanted it done by this weekend-hah!), I'm going to take a page out of Leann's knitting book (well, blog) and block them together. This seems like a relatively painless way to ensure that they come out the same size, and will certainly take up less space than blocking them seperately--I think my husband is getting annoyed finding random surfaces in our home covered with knitting. But I don't have a blocking board, so what's a girl to do?
Though I still haven't tried it myself yet, yesterday I saw a woman knitting on the Metro. This isn't the first time I've seen someone doing it, but it is the first time I've seen it since I started knitting myself. So instead of just staring in wonder, I could really appreciate what she was doing--happily knitting a sock on a circular needle with self-striping yarn while everyone pushed and shoved and stunk (stank? Anyway, it's been ridiculously hot and humid here, so the trains are full of sweaty, stinky people!) around her. I was quite jealous, particularly as I have been rather disappointed with the book I'm reading on the train every day. Still, I feel the A.S.S. may be a bit large for train knitting, so perhaps I will wait until I have a more compact project to work on.
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leann said...

I blocked mine on a flattened, cardboard box covered in a towel (so the moisture didn't soak into the cardboard. I had it on the floor of my craft room, so it wasn't in the way. If I hadn't stuck the pins through the carpet, I was going to move the box up onto my scrapbook table. But it dried in about a day, so it wasn't in the way for too long.

Oh! Does your A.S.S. have sleeves? Those are a lot smaller than actually taking the whole back of the sweater with you. Taking a bus to NYC for work on Friday, and that's what I'm planning.

yazipengyou said...

After jusst spending a month in NYC, I knit 2 scarves on my subway commute to and from school (and during random trips too). I get motion-sick if I read or write on the trains but knitting and crocheting I'm fine with. I usually stick to easy things since I can't read a pattern during the ride and I'd recommend something with short needles for when the trains are crowded. I usually work on a scarf (K2 P2 pattern always) because they're pretty mindless and easy to work on when the trains get chaotic. I always call them my "travel projects" because it's the only time I work on them. I even used to keep one in my car for whenever I got stuck in traffic...probably not the most legal thing but when you move 5 feet in 3 hours it's be best you can do :o).