Friday, August 19, 2011

A Rant

I'm just popping onto my willing little Internet soapbox for a minute here to cybernetically take a Miss Peg Aloi to task. I'm unhappy with this opinion piece, and I'm sure, once you read it, you will be too.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

Ok, ready?

It's not so much that I take issue with her categorizing knitting as weak, and not "badass" enough (although, I do--who made her the "badass" police? I bet she wouldn't feel that way if I stabbed her with a knitting needle.).

What's really aggravating me here is that she's missing the entire point of feminism. It's sailed right over her head.

Feminism isn't about women behaving like men. It never was. It's about women having the same right as men to choose how they behave.

It's about women knitting because they want to, and not because they have to. Ditto for baking cupcakes and growing heirloom tomatoes and homeschooling their kids. And having jobs, playing with guns, riding motorcycles and burning their bras.

It's about the ability to create your own life and not have it thrust upon you.

And here's Peg Aloi, unleashing her rallying cry for a reinvigoration of feminism by . . . yelling at us for making the "wrong" choice?

Gee, that sounds familiar.


Francesca said...

I trust that most people will see it for what it is: shallow at best, or a half-baked attempt at causing controversy from someone who could not write a good article.

Back to my needles and my cats… no cupcakes. :)

CrookedKnitter said...

Perfectly stated. I wouldn't have been able to say it better!

And let's remember who started BUST magazine...oh that would be Debbie Stoller. Who wrote how many books on fiber crafting? And has what, a yarn line of her own? Hmm something here just isn't adding up.

Thankfully it seems most commentors on the article seem to be understanding of us real feminists

Northmoon said...

I was wondering if it was written by a man. As you say, it totally misses the point, and is patronizing to boot.

CrookedKnitter said...

This lady is my hero-
She's tough and knits!