Monday, August 8, 2011

Stuff my cat is on

Sometimes I think about starting a blog in the spirit of Stuff on My Cat, only it would be Stuff My Cat is On. And that "stuff" would be my knitting:





(Yes, she's using a ball of yarn as a pillow!)


I know--I just KNOW--if I actually knit something specifically for her to lay on, she'd ignore it completely.

(And before anyone asks, the craft room / office / second bedroom happens to be where one of two litterpans is kept, which is why I cannot shut her out--well, I could, but the resulting mess just wouldn't be worth it.)
Now that you've had a good chuckle at my expense, I have good news to share--mom is home from the hospital! She has lots of recovering left to do, but at least she can do it in her own bed.

And she still needs those covers, so keep crafting--in fact, I've decided to extend the deadline for the contest to August 31. So, if you were toying with the idea of making a cover, but didn't think you'd get it in before the deadline, you've now got two extra weeks! I whipped up an Anthro-inspired Scarflet in exactly one day (I even went down to DK weight yarn), so if you want an entry into this contest, rest assured it really won't take much crafting time to earn one!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Welcome home Mom!

My new blog name would be "Stuff my cat resents" - she thinks all my time should be spent petting her and brushing her, not knitting!

CrookedKnitter said...

I think the second picture has to be the cutest! I knit my brother's cat a Mouse Rug (think bear skin rug but of a mouse). Does he lay on it? No. He prefers paper and plastic bags. Pain in the butt.