Thursday, September 20, 2007

much planning, no knitting

Well, I've yet to cast on a new project (horrors!), but I think I've figured out the majority of my upcoming birthday/Christmas gifts. So that's something. Mom will be getting some socks and a pair of felted slippers, possibly the ones in Knit Two Together; Dad gets 2 scarves and a hat, although I've yet to identify a good "older man" hat pattern--if anyone can think of one, let me know!; sister is mostly done, she just gets an additional scarf; grandfather gets socks; goddaughter (turning 14) is getting the Brea Bag for her birthday (we share the same birthday, and it's October 15--better get started!) and hubby, who has birthday AND Christmas in December, damn him, gets a hat, scarf, socks, and--dun, dun, dun!--a sweater! It will be my first real sweater, so I probably need to start 3 weeks ago to get it done on time. I'm going to try the Cobblestone sweater in Fall Interweave. Most of the people on Ravelry ranked it as a relatively easy project so, fingers crossed, it should go relatively smoothly.
(Interesting side note, I was just asking my coworker if they say "fingers crossed" in Spanish, and they do; however, earlier she was yelling at the fax machine, "Date prisa, que no es por maƱana!" ["Hurry up, it's not for tomorrow!"] and asked if we said that in English, and we really don't; we say things like, "Sometime today! and "Any day now!" At least here in the U.S.; I don't know about Britain. Language is so interesting.)
I'm still on the fence about knitting for the in-laws; maybe a scarf for MIL, but I just don't think anyone else would really appreciate a knitted gift. Although, maybe a sweater for SIL's dog/baby Flannigan would be well-received . . .
So, now that I've got all my projects more or less planned, I need to order some yarn!
I also signed up for another anonymous swap, but I'm kind of bummed about my first two swaps. I did get an adorable knitted bag from my buddy, along with some much needed coffee-inspired goodies, but the person I knit for still hasn't received Chapeau! I mailed it on September 8 and, granted, it had to go all the way to CA, but I sent it Priority. Pout. If the USPS lost my Chapeau, I'm going to be super pissed. That same day I also mailed out my 4 skeins of yarn to my yarn swap buddy, who received them, but I still haven't received anything in return. So I'm hoping swap #3 goes a little more smoothly.

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Knitter Kris said...

I'm so impressed at how much planning you have for holiday gifts. I really should start thinking about that. I also noticed that your swap package is taking awhile to get to its final destination. Let me just tell you I had the same problem. I mailed my swap buddy her package on the 6th of September and she finally got it yesterday the 19th. It had to travel from California to Maine. So don't give up hope yet. By the way I love your blog.