Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yarn: 1, Kristen: 0

So I am, I must say, zipping along fairly quickly with the second Pomatomus sock--well, quickly by my standards, anyway. Perhaps using two circs does make a difference. I've got exactly half the total number of stitches on each side, so no awkward pattern repeats breaking over needles--that's a plus. I've finished 1 repeat of the chart already; I think it's about 3 for the leg.


The other absolutely essential thing I'm doing this time is using stitch markers. Somewhere along the way I came to view stitch marker use as a sign of weakness, when in fact it's a sign of intelligence. It's certainly much easier to identify exactly where you've lost (or gained) a stitch, rather than get all the way to the end of the round and come up short.

And . . . I bought more yarn. I know, I know . . . shame on me. The thing is, Shivaya Naturals is having a ginormous sale--50% ALL yarn! So I picked up some CASHMERE and silk laceweight, a skein of sock yarn, and a huge skein (or hank? I don't know the difference )of DK weight Prime Alpaca, all for $50, instead of the usual $100. I know I don't need any of it, but it's just so lovely and cheap. Sigh.


leann said...

Ack! Pretty yarn (especially that sunset sock yarn) and me still on the yarn diet.

I've always taken a skein to be wound so you can center-pull, and a hank to be the one that comes twisted and you have to wind it up before you can use it. (like my descriptions there? I'm particularly witty today.)

Not ready for handspun said...

Very nice looking sock.
And I swear by stitch markers!

Clumsy Knitter said...

Curses! You just *had* to go telling us all about the Shivaya sale, and then everything is sold out. It's just as well. I have plenty of very pretty yarn.

Those socks are looking great! I'm sure they will be worth the effort. :)

Stacey said...

I absolutely LOVE this sock--it takes a while to finish though! (I got totally mucked up when trying to do the foot of the first Pomatomus sock). But it is totally worth it. Can't wait to see how it turns out in the end.