Friday, December 28, 2012

WIP in the New Year: Project 1

I'm pleased to announce that, so far, WIP in the New Year is a huge success. I've already finished Project #1, my Glam Hufflesocks!




Crosswired Hufflepuff socks

The pattern used is Crosswired, by Wendy Gaal, and as you can see, I opted to reverse the colors on the 2nd sock. I also used Stroll Glimmer for the black yarn, so they have a bit of shine.

If I'm being honest, there wasn't really that much to do--I'd already turned the heel on the 2nd sock. It probably took more time to figure out where I'd left off than to actually finish. Which makes me wonder why I abandoned them in the first place.

Nevertheless, they are done, and I've already moved on to Projects 2 and 3: Business Casual socks by Tanis Lavallee, and the long-awaited Dahlia Cardigan. The socks are nearly complete, but the cardigan needs a lot of work.

Are you WIPing in the New Year? How's it going?

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