Friday, March 29, 2013

Event Recap: Homespun Yarn Party


I'm happy to report that I did make it to the Homespun Yarn Party! And I have to admit, I was quite surprised--I was imagining something relatively modest, but while the space was small, it was hopping.

The Party was held at an old mill that's been converted into a pseudo-mall, next door to some adventure park ziplining thing. I spent my first 30 minutes there driving around looking for a parking space--not promising. I thought my first baby-free outing was going to be a bust. But finally, someone left and I zoomed into the space.

Once I got into the Party itself, I was not disappointed. Yarn everywhere. And unlike MD Sheep and Wool, the weather was perfect for handknits, so I saw lots of gorgeous sweaters (though it was a bit warm in the room). I wore my Rocky Coast cardigan, and got loads of compliments.

I made a beeline for Wandering Wool--I've been wanting to try more of Joelle's yarns, but given that she's in D.C., it seems a little silly to have it shipped to me. I'm especially excited to have grabbed this gorgeous single ply fingering weight:


(Shown with some Dragonfly Fibers Djinni sock--love it!)

I don't like single ply for socks, but I think it will be absolutely beautiful in a shawl.

I also got to meet Joelle, who I'm pretty sure was wearing a Dark and Stormy cardigan--one of the many sweaters in my never-ending queue.

I picked up some yarn from another local favorite, Neighborhood Fiber Co.:


This will hopefully become a sweater for JJ.


And also grabbed this tonal worsted weight from new-to-me Wild Hare Fibre Studio:


(Shown with the other yarn I grabbed from Wandering Wool!)

She had this other fun-looking yarn in her booth as well--not my style, but still impressive:

I browsed Cephalopod Yarns and the Verdant Gryphon, but I already have plenty of both in my stash, so I skipped any additional purchases.

My wallet thanked me.

I even ran into a couple of knitters from the House Cup! I'm on sabbatical this term, but I've really missed all the fun and games over there, I can't wait to go back next term (if they'll have me).

Then--then!--I saw a baby in a handknit sweater, and decided it was time to get home to my little one. Upon my return I promptly showed him the yarn I bought him, but he seemed less than impressed.



Minding My Own Stitches said...

Maybe he'll be more impressed when you've made the sweater. Looks like some gorgeous yarn finds!

Joelle said...

So great to finally meet you at Homespun and I'm glad you had a good time! And yes, it was Dark and Stormy I was wearing. One of my favorites--I highly recommend it!