Monday, August 24, 2009

Question for Spinners

I'm doing Secret Pal 14, and my spoilee is a beginning wheel spinner. I want to get her something to spin, but I don't have a blind clue what that would be--batt? top? roving? This is a language I just don't speak.

Someone, help me please!!!

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leann said...

Any of those would be fine!

I really like working from batts because they don't require a ton of prep work - they're fluffy and airy and you can spin straight from them. Same with rolags (it's basically a batt, but it's made using hand carders instead of a drum carder).

Did she say what type of fiber she likes best? BFL is good for beginners, so is corriedale. Merino is soft and lots of fun to spin, but the short staple length (how long each individual strand of fiber is), can be difficult for beginners to handle.