Friday, August 21, 2009

State of the Knitting Address

I've been complaining an awful lot about my failure to make any meaningful progress on my knitting, but I thought maybe you guys would like to see some actual photos of what little I've accomplished. So here goes.

The Moderne Baby Blanket




And the various bits of Elefante


Now, if you'll recall, I mentioned something about Elefante being a bit top heavy. How do I know this? Well, here's what happened the first time I tried to sew him together:


As you can see, he's toppled trunk forward onto the bed, back legs flailing in the air (well, they would be flailing if they weren't so stubby; but that's part of his charm.). I'd really like him to stand upright, so I've got to try again. Perhaps a different head angle will help the situation.

And now a new segment, which I've entitled "Say what?!?," in which I will ponder some things I just don't understand, and basically be snarky about them.

1. Knitting podcasts that talk about anything and everything but knitting. I'm not saying you have to talk exclusively about knitting for the entire show, but why on earth do you think people looking for knitting content want to waste 45 minutes of their valuable lives listening to you wax poetic about your "adorable" child scribbling on a freshly painted wall with crayons?? Some focus, please.

2. "Desperate" Ravelry destashers. From the content of your post, it sounds like you're on the verge of being evicted if you don't pay your bills. Yet interestingly enough, you've got 427 skeins of yarn in your entire stash, but just 10 skeins of fun fur and 40-year-old balls of acrylic on your trade page. Listen, if you want people to give you money, you need to offer them something of actual value! If you're really in dire straits, you've got to part with the Wollmeise, folks.


Clumsy Knitter said...

Oooh...I love the colors of your baby blanket! So calming.

I also agree with you about the podcast thing. But I'm completely hypocritical about it because if it's something I'm interested in (books and movies, for instance) I like to listen. If I'm NOT interested (pet or kid stories), I get annoyed. You can't please everyone!

I don't usually check out the destash pages, but what you described does have to make you wonder. LOL

leann said...

But elephante is so cute toppled over like that! Not sure what the construction is, but you could try opening him up and putting something with weight in the back legs/body to keep him balanced.

Not ready for handspun said...

I have some "Sayelle" that's several decades old. I'm willing to trade or sell, unless you know of a museum for acrylic fibers that may want it?

My Knit Bits said...

check out - her post on 8/12 - she used a tennis ball to make her frog hop, but maybe it could weigh your elephante down enough to stand up right