Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Sampler: Organize your Knitting . . . and Life

In keeping with this week's organization topic, a few more creative ideas for organizing your knitting--and the rest of your life too! 

Post-Christmas idea. 

A simple and cheap needle storage option. 

Identify your keys with knit key cozies! 

Use QR codes to keep track of your yarn--especially good for handspun!
(Thanks to the Sava Stitch blog for sharing this idea!) 

Organize your blog posts with this free blog planner!

Organizing scraps. 

I don't have a cabin, but I love this style of entryway organization. 

Source: via Kanani on Pinterest

And you should keep your kittehs organized too. ;) 

Any other organizational tips to share?


collegeknitting said...

I love the idea of key cozies. What a great way to use up extra bits of sock yarn!

Lauren Strauss said...

I just repinned a bunch of these... the closet organizer one has a broken link but I think I recognize some of that stuff from IKEA.

And why did I never think of key cozies??

knittymuggins said...

OMG. LOVE this! Will have to steal as many links as possible....

Thanks for sharing!!